We here at Grace Restoration Supplies are a family owned & operated company.Our roots are in the State of Washington on the beautiful Puget Sound...Yep,we are a US based company. We are located about 60 miles north of Seattle ina town called Arlington.

This business was started because we saw a need for regular folks like you, to be able to fix their reclining furniture themselves and not have to purchase a very expensive new piece of furniture when all they needed was an inexpensive cable or handle. Most of the time, someone with a broken cable will go into a retailer and ask if they have a replacement. The retailer may tell them it cannot be fixed and want you to purchase a new piece of furniture. You can’t blame them…this is how they make their living. Maybe some of the sales people really do not know that you can get a cable from us! On the other hand, not everyone has an extra $500 + laying around to spend on a new recliner. So as that need grew…so did Grace Restoration Supplies!

Grace Restoration Supplies started out slow and has been growing steadily, thanks to our great customers telling others about us and writing about us in different forum…THANK YOU! Some of our goals are to fill a need, help people save money, and keep good furniture out of the landfills. We work hard to earn your trust as well as earn a good name out here in this HUGE web market as having GREAT customer service. We really truly care that you get back into that recliner!

We know that purchasing on line can be scary sometimes. We put a lot of energy into making sure that your order gets out within 48 hours or less and emails are answered within 72 hours. That can be challenging sometimes! We work hard to make sure that if you order from us...we get you back into that recliner and those feet back up where they belong FAST! We also want you to know that most folks CAN install this cable by themselves. We consider this aDIY (Do It Yourself) project and have details in our “How To’s” to help you with your project.

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Rotten Recliner Gallery

Come on in and check out these loved, funny, and over the top recliners from customers. If you have a fun picture to add of a loved recliner that you or someone you know has had since...like 1951 and has duct tape, rips and maybe stained plaid, send us a pic and we will post it for all to see. 

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