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Up for sale is a recliner/sofa/love-seat replacement handle. This handle is a parachute style or sometimes called a "D" handle that is used on reclining furniture that has the handle in between the seat and the arm (you reach down beside the seat cushion and pull this up). This cable is used on Lane brand recliners but will also work on any brands that might have matching measurements. This cable is shorter then most cables, because it is sized for the Lane recliner. It is 27 inches long from top of handle to end of loop on end. The length is not usually considered as critical as the end measurement of a cable, but we are mentioning it on this cable because it is shorter then most. It is sized for a Lane recliner. See our other cables and outside handles! We consider this a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. Changing the cable yourself can save you a bunch! $$ We want to be the ones that help you get back into that recliner and those feet back up where they belong! The following illustration will show the critical measurements so that you are sure you are ordering the correct cable for your recliner.

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Come on in and check out these loved, funny, and over the top recliners from customers. If you have a fun picture to add of a loved recliner that you or someone you know has had 1951 and has duct tape, rips and maybe stained plaid, send us a pic and we will post it for all to see. 

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